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We provide premium custom socks for those who want to put the finishing touch to excellence.

We make custom socks for any activity, whether it be sports, business or anything in-between, we have you covered! With several different styles and lengths, we can accommodate every budget and with our digital sublimation printing process, you literally have UNLIMITED design possibilities!

When working with us, we work directly with you throughout the whole process that includes the design process which is completely free and we will not stop until you have the perfect sock.

We also have a wide selection of our own in house deigns so even if you're just someone who loves high quality, comfortable and funky socks, we have got you covered!

With worldwide delivery, we are a company that is global but feels local, you are all part of the Strid3 Athletic community. All of our socks come with a sockisfaction guarantee. So you have our word that if you’re unhappy at all, we will take every Strid3 necessary to make sure it is resolved. The time has come to take your sock game to the next level!

Established 2020.
Team Strid3 Athletic.

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Custom - Here to bring all of your creative ideas to life, big or small. We aim to bring your loyal following together and make you stand out from anyone else. Let us put your ideas into action.

Durable Performance - The overall concept for our performance focused blend of materials is simple, they withstand the demands of any activities no matter how rigorous and perform to the highest quality every single time.

Community - At the heart of what we are aiming for is our drive to bring communities together; So they can provide support networks and continue to encourage and motivate each other to achieve goals and become the best versions of themselves.

Comfort - Our aim here is simple! To provide the most comfortable performance sock on the planet!.

Vision - It's a big reason why Strid3 Athletic was created, its in everything we do. We will always strive to be innovative, create ways to bring people and communities together and we exist to create the performance and comfort that help people unlock their full potential and put life into their ideas.

It is our aim to always respect others and stay true to our vision.

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After being in and around the Crossfit scene for a number of years as well as competing and attending various different competitions, I had started to notice something, all the gyms and teams I came across had matching everything! Ranging from t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, shorts, trainers and even accessories, however, lacked one thing that would really complete the look of the team..... you guessed it, socks!

After coming to this realisation, I felt like it was my mission to establish Strid3 Athletic to provide, not only a custom sock to bring teams, communities and businesses together, but to also match that with a sock that could keep up with the performance and durability expectations of athletes of all levels.

After a lot of research, I have found that there are a fair few custom sock providers around but I seemed to run into one hurdle or another along the way. I found that they would offer really low minimums, even individual pairs but the sock would really lack quality or comfort, minimums were far too high or I would run into design limitations and difficulties. To me this simply wasn't good enough. Possibly to my detriment, I have always been quite a perfectionist, so it is important to me to be able to offer a product that is perfect for you and will bring you and your team pride when you wear Strid3 Athletic socks. For that reason we will always make sure we do everything we can to help you achieve this with our product.

Calum Bennett - Founder & Owner